Nonlinear Energy Exchange between Solitons in Modes of a Silica Few-mode Fiber

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Faculty of Physics, shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran


Recently soliton propagation in few-mode fiber has been
studied. In this paper, we used commercially few-mode
fiber for investigating the soliton propagation. Three
modes exist in this fiber, by considering polarization, we
have six propagation modes. Initially, we calculate the
propagation mode, effective cross-section, and dispersion
for each mode then soliton propagation in fiber modes with
respect to phase are simulated. The nonlinear effect causes
XPM which affects propagation modes to each other. By
various values of phase, the first maximum energy transfer
between modes is calculated. We find minimum
normalized length 0.66 which equal to a length of 23.3
meters of silica fiber for energy exchange. The energy
exchange can be used as a basis for all-optical switching.
Interestingly, these effects cause energy transfer between
different modes and strongly depend on the phase
difference. So, the results of this simulation can be used to
design all-optical self-switches and all optical logic gates.


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