Giant enhancement of second harmonic generation efficiency from monolayer group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides ( ) embedded in 1D photonic crystals

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Department of physics, Farhangian university, Tehran


In this study, an effective numerical method was
used to describe NLO impacts on photonic crystal structures,
particularly 2D TMDCs and three-dimensional (3D)
materials (air and SiO2). Moreover, the amplification of the
second harmonic (SH) efficiency in one-dimensional (1D)
photonic crystals, including TMDCs, was investigated. These
photonic crystal structures comprise of air, SiO2, and TMDC
layers that are periodically arranged; however, the first two
layers have the same thickness. The transfer matrix method
was applied to calculate the SH efficiency and no-reduction
field approximation. The incident wavelength λ of 810 nm
was achieved by adjusting the thickness of the air and SiO2
layers. In addition, by choosing a specific thickness, the
harmonic waves generated in the structure interacted
constructively. The conditions were such that both the
fundamental and the SH waves lay in the edge of the band
gap, where the density of electromagnetic modes and
interaction time increased. However, density of
electromagnetic modes and interaction time interaction
enhanced the efficiency of the SH efficiency.


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